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The Anaheim Convention Center, located in zip code 92802

From Disneyland to the Anaheim Museum, and everywhere in between, there's something for everyone in Anaheim, California! With over $1 billion in assets, Anaheim is the largest and wealthiest of Orange County's 34 cities. The city contains nearly 20,000 hotel rooms, and is still growing, faster than any other city in California. With dozens of great attractions, including Knott's Berry Farm, the San Juan Capistrano Mission, and the Anaheim Convention Center, as well as a wide selection of shopping, fine dining, and recreational opportunities, you'll never be bored in Anaheim.

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The city was founded by German settlers in 1857, and given the German name meaning "home by the river". Right from the beginning, the city's layout was planned carefully to protect the vineyards, Anaheim's economic foundation, from roaming cattle, and to allow for future growth by setting aside parcels of land for the construction of public buildings. Anaheim was distinctly successful as a wine-producing region until the 1880s, when a blight wiped out the vineyards and destroyed the city's thriving business. Wine-making was soon replaced by the orange and citrus industry, however, and the city thrived once more.

The California Screamin' coaster in Disney's California Adventure Park in AnaheimWith the introduction of the railroads, Anaheim was able to expand its businesses into other markets, though agriculture remained the city's principle industry until the mid-1950s, when Walt Disney selected Anaheim as the site for construction of the Disneyland amusement park. With this new and exciting landmark, Anaheim's growth rate increased substantially. Today, Anaheim is one of the fastest-growing areas in California, with tourism as its strongest industry, centered most strongly around Disneyland.

Zip Codes of Anaheim California
92801 92802 92803 92804 92805
92806 92807 92808 92809 92812
92814 92815 92816 92817 92825
92850 92899

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